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My Mission

Is to inspire and empower people to unlock their full potential, transform their lives, and turn their dreams into reality.


I do this by facilitating a profound transformation in my clients' lives that ultimately leads to immense satisfaction and fulfillment in all aspects of their existence.

Craig | Who I help


  • Working professionals/parents and entrepreneurs

  • Athletes who want to be elite (top 1% in their sport)

  • Organizations who want to create a preeminent health and wellness program for their employees to drive bottom-line growth

Craig | Why I help


I am a limiting belief assassin, and coaching is my soul's purpose.


My expertise and passion are helping people and businesses achieve breakthroughs, transformations, and impossible goals.

Craig | How I help


My one-on-one and group coaching and customized training systems will serve as your guide in closing the gap between your present state and your dream destination.


My programs are based on 4 pillars to success that are customized to meet you where you are and where you want to be!


I have 15 years of professional experience as a finance and accounting executive, serving both public and private companies. I bring expertise in developing, training, mentoring, leading, and managing high-performing teams and individuals. As a strategic thinker, I highly value growth, continuous improvement, trust, and accountability. Actively involved in my community, I serve on the University of California at Santa Barbara Orange County Leadership Committee to support the university and enhance the experience and network of its students, faculty, and alumni.


I'm an athlete who has engaged in multiple sports since a young age, including high school varsity basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, and pickleball. This diverse athletic background has provided me with valuable perspectives on developing a winning mindset. I reside in Orange County, California, and take pride in being a loving and supportive husband and father.

Find me at:

Instagram: @craigbumatay

LinkedIn: @craigbumatay

Threads: @craigbumatay

Facebook: @craigbumatay

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